Winter does something to me.


Yeah sure, I go inside.  It’s cold out there in the Chicago wind, but when I go inside, I really go inside my head. I bake, I light candles, I take more bubble baths than I’ve read is good for your skin. But mostly, I research. I google, I find articles, I buy herbs and books on psychology and natural medicine.  It’s just a thing I do now. Maybe in some ways I’ve always done it, but now I’m fully aware of it.

WINTER 2010, was all about Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncture & Ennegrams. Check out It’s like Myers Briggs and The Zodiac but accurate. Creepy accurate.

WINTER 2011, was all about experimenting with acidic/alkaline, gluten free, dairy free eating for weeks at a time and reading a lot about it.

WINTER 2012, was all about relationship stuff and the subconcious vs conscious. LOVE this blog/article post And a little book that changed how I approached love,  for the better.  Get ready for this title… Why Men Love Bitches. if you are incredibly loving, forgiving, accommodating and you keep getting your heart broken, buy this book. I found it for you on for $2. It’s not actually about being a bitch. I don’t advocate that. ha.

WINTER 2013, I’m embracing my inner hippie in the beauty regimen department. This includes washing my face with oil, exfoliating with grains. Rinsing with water only in the morning and not washing my hair for 4 days. My goal is glowy, even toned, foundation free skin in my 30’s and shiny hair without the frequent use of moroccan oil.

Like my excess of feelings that I was born with,  I think those excess feelings are directly correlated to excess hormones. So… sometimes my skin likes to express itself in undesirable ways.

My sister in law used to have acne and stopped washing her face entirely. Now she just showers with warm water. Her skin is flawless now. No blackheads, whiteheads, zits, nothing.  Granted she also doesn’t wear make up.  She’s the true hippie in this family.  I’m the wannabe. I also used to live with two lesbians, I had two shelves in the bathroom for all my girlie junk and they shared one. Honestly, they didn’t even use the whole shelf, they used half of one shelf.  Again, I had two. They wore no make up and used a Whole Foods face wash. Their skin, both of their skin was incredibly clear. Hippies… 

Apparently, we strip our hair and skin of natural oils called sebum, by over washing it. Our skin and hair will actually regulate itself if we ease up on it. That means less fancy facial products to dry out acne, shrink pores, fade spots or fake oil back into our skin. Our skin creates all these good oils at night that protect our skin and help retain elasticity. When we wash our face in the morning we strip our skin of all these vital oils, only to apply product that clogs our pores or strips our skin. While googling this latest obsession I found this Selma Hayek interview where she admits to never washing her face in the morning.  Clearly, it’s working for her.

I bought this ebook months ago, before my wedding,  through Crunchy Betty.  Betty is all about cleaning with oils or rather OCM, the oil cleansing method. Cleansing with oil is ideal for oily skin, it pulls the bad oil and dirt out of your own skin but leaves the good oil behind. I imagine it working much like when I take the lint out of the dryer filter with a puff of lint. It feels luxurious and buying through etsy is a lot cheaper than buying through whole foods. In fact, it’s just plain ole cheap!

If you are looking for natural make up, Josie Maran is your girl. Not so cheap…but glowy, pretty and good for your skin.

Also, in the skin department, I highly recommend Alfalfa for clearing up your skin. Freshly juiced pineapple does wonders on brown/red sun spots and age spots. I drink it, but I’ve read you can apply directly to your face as well. When I juice for a week I see a difference.

I bought this fancy face wash last night at whole foods. The nice thing about washing your face half as much is you can sort of justify spending a little money on a good cleanser.

And sleep, 8-10 hrs of sleep is wildly important for your skin and your metabolism. There is a reason people started calling it beauty rest.

So that’s that. The hippie remedies I have been researching thus far, this Winter. I intend to elaborate more later on my other Winter findings, especially that book.

Please feel free to leave me comments on your own remedies, thoughts etc.  I’m curious!

Also, I started a facebook page for this blog so we could all be friends!

Love to you,




  1. Jo

    Honey!!! Its not only an endearing word. Its natures liquid gold. Its uses are endless. Some I’ve begun using are to wash my face and add sugar to this and exfoliate skin. It heals wounds and blemishes over night. It also helps soothe an upset stomach. I am looking forward to learning more about its uses.

    Keep writing.

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