Mind control – running your own thoughts

As you now know, I do my research in the Winter. Last Winter, I was incredibly fascinated by that section of our brain referred to as the ‘subconscious.’

Your subconscious is the part of your brain where you store every single memory of your life, all of your experiences, your joy, your deepest pains, your fear, your insecurities, your doubts, your beliefs etc. The conscious brain is what I consider to be the ‘linear’, ‘logical’ processor, it is where you say things to yourself like I really am good at this, I should do this with my life, this person is good for me, this person is bad for me, I’m perfectly fine the way i am or I really need to stop this unhealthy habit for the following reasons. Basically,your conscious is the core understanding of who you are, what your capable of and how your life should play out.

This is where is gets interesting, I continued finding articles stating that your subconscious represents 88% of your brain, leaving only 12% for your conscious. This was originally sourced first from The Scientific American Mind Journal. So basically not only is your subconscious emotionally overpowering it actually takes up 88% of your brain. And while most of us think our subconscious represents a part of us that is deep down it actually is like an easily accessible emotional card catalog and just dragging a single thought or feeling across the card drawer will open it all up again. Basically the core of our deepest pains and fears are ready and standing by to wreck havoc on our life at any moment.


Brain Art by Kyle Bean

So what does this mean to us on a daily basis?

From a relationship standpoint it means that even though your conscious brain might be saying, this person is good for you, your subconscious is reminding you of every terrible heart ache you’ve ever felt. Any time you feel insecure, offended or hurt you will lump pile all of that fear and hurt in with your strongest memory of pain. What does this do? It enhances your fear and gives you boundless doubts about the person that you consciously know is very different than any of your exes and quite possibly perfect for you. Basically, you let your subconscious ruin your love life.

From a career standpoint your conscious brain might be saying, you were born to do this, while your subconscious is literally dishing out every personal weakness of yours it can muster up. You know, you aren’t the most organized person. Remember that time you screwed this up or do you really think your smart enough for that? Maybe you should leave that career path up to the brave people. You’re being selfish, think about your family or your friends. Your the only person that thinks this is a good idea. Again, we let are greatest fears dictate our entire career path. How absurdly sad is that? Let’s not do that anymore.

From a physical standpoint your conscious brain might be saying, you could totally fit exercise into your busy schedule, you know food is fuel or quitting smoking would make your life better but your subconscious is reminding you of all the times in life you’ve failed to stick to an exercise routine or that food is part one of life’s great pleasures that you deserve, or ignoring all science and telling yourself that smoking helps calm your stress. Your subconscious will justify most anything to keep you right where you are.

Maybe you want to see the whole world but you spend more time coming up with the reasons you can’t than a plan that makes it possible. Maybe you spend more time feeling lonely than going out to meet new people. Maybe you spend more time regretting your career or educational path than looking into going back to school or switching gears. Maybe you spend a lot of time thinking about how you always end up heartbroken or with the wrong person than what you are doing to change the pattern of attraction. You’re letting your thoughts default to your subconscious rather than consciously choosing to guide them.

All my reading made me think of the people in life that are really positive and those that are negative. The people who maintain and work towards a positive out look in life seem to have pretty good luck in life vs. those who constantly dwell on the downward spiral of life and the world around them. Here’s the thing, it’s not so much “luck” as it is a willful and informed conscious brain keeping the insecure, fearful, emotional subconscious in check. Basically, they choose to put their mental focus on the happiest memories of their past relationships, their greatest strengths/ career achievements and that time they whipped their body into shape in under a month. When you give your conscious a voice, it will not only direct your subconscious into following along with the plan, it will direct your path in life. Your subconscious is not simply a source of pain, fear and bad memories, it is where your greatest dreams, goals and beliefs are stored. So the goal shouldn’t be shutting up your subconscious but rather, shaping it. You can make your thoughts work for you.

My mind is messy. It is full of contradicting feelings, thoughts, memories and beliefs. I genuinely like writing because I enjoy being able to tidy everything up or at the very least “tag” and “categorize” everything. The things I learned last Winter about how intensely overpowering our subconscious can be really helped me look at my thought pattern objectively. I recognize the difference between my real thoughts versus that card catalog of emotional experiences that desperately wants to influence me. Experiences are incredibly important to remember, they teach us valuable things about ourselves and life BUT they shouldn’t be the thing that holds us back from truly being loved or following our truest potential.

If this subject has stirred up some curiosity in you and you’d like to further explore it. I highly recommend reading the articles posted on this site.

As always, love to you,




  1. Thank you for a great article!

  2. manny36o

    What you said above mostly represents your subconscious, the subconscious, I believe is a very powerful part of us that is suppressed by that rational conscious. It may be to our benefit that its that way, because I’ve done some research myself with the subconscious and how it emotionally attaches to people that we see give us benefits. Though this seems like an oxymoron, if our subconscious was out instead of our conscious, I believe that we would all become misanthropes and hermits. What type of research do you do?

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