I met a vagina therapist

Yes, that’s a thing. Technically, they are called a Woman’s Health Physical Therapist. You can read more here.

My new friend, the vagina therapist, told me that a lot of people are familiar with their body holding stress or pain in their neck and back. When their neck or back muscles become so tight they go see a massage therapist, to loosen the muscles and allow their body to move more freely. What most people don’t realize… is women can often times carry their stress in their vagina. Your pelvic floor muscles can tighten up so much that sex becomes incredibly painful if not impossible. The muscles will actually block the opening of your vagina. This muscular blockage is a result of emotional or physical traumas in the individuals woman’s life.

Childbirth is a very common physical reason to seek out a Woman’s Health PT because your pelvic floor walls can be literally rearranged during labor. Many women also fear sex after labor and their body will react to that fear. My new friend said that about 20% of her patients have been raped. I find it so interesting that our body will literally close up as a response, to protect us from our greatest physical fears. My new friend, the vagina therapist, is able to change these woman’s lives drastically. Not only do they feel like they can have a sexual relationship with their partner again but they can feel like a complete, whole version of themselves.

From the emotional side of things…losing a loved one, being cheated on, being emotionally disrespected, being emotionally abused or a simple broken heart can tighten the pelvic floor muscles enough to cause intense pain during sex or even a gyno exam. If any of this sounds like you…you’re not broken and you’re not alone. You’ve simply been caring that emotional stress around in your vagina…instead of your neck.


Romy Schneider, Paris, 1974. Photo © Giancarlo Botti

I felt I should write about this because I don’t think many women have ever heard of a Vagina Therapist. We need to tell our girlfriends. This is a relatively common and the pain is entirely unnecessary. Here is a somewhat graphic sketch as to what the above issues look like inside our bodies. It will blow your mind.

Please do share this information with your girlfriends through facebook messages and emails. I think we should build an honest, unashamed community amongst women. It’s 2013, we should never choose to keep this kind of information to ourselves because it’s polite or appropriate.

Love to you,


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