Stick a needle in me

When I was 18 there were quite a few career paths that I was very seriously considering. As in, I had found schools and throughly looked into each path and fully envisioned a life that went along with that path. I annoyed my Senior guidance counselor. I’m sure of it. I’ll list them for you.

  • Flight attendant (I wanted to see the whole world)
  • Esthetician (I wanted to own a holistic spa and this was the first step)
  • Acupuncturist (I wanted to be an Eastern Medicine Doctor)
  • Interior Designer (I liked the flexibility and creative aspects of this career path)
  • Sex Therapist (I’m pretty comfortable talking about feelings, insecurities and relationships and fascinated by others)
  • Health Teacher (I wanted to mentor teenagers, even though I was a teenager)

I chose the Interior Designer route, which is great but I frequently wish I chose the acupuncturist route. It’s been 12 years and I’m still endlessly fascinated by the power of acupuncture.

I was talking to one of my friends earlier tonight and realized I had not yet explained all the benefits of acupuncture. How did she not know! I give random strangers my acupuncturist’s info on a regular basis, at the very least my best friends should know. You guys should know too.

Most people think acupuncture is just for sore muscles. It’s not. I’ll tell you a short story about a girl with a broken heart. The girl is me. Yes, I realize, the broken hearts are a theme in this blog, but every time my heart broke I got closer to who I was. I learned a lot about myself, my friends and well… what worked and what couldn’t. 

This one heart break wrecked me. I mean wrecked me. I did all the things I know to do to purge my feelings. I wrote, I cried, I ate, I cooked, I exercised, I stretched to candles in the dark, I took long baths, I nurtured my spirit and I talked with friends. Nothing worked, nothing got rid of the pain, or even calmed it. It was so heavy. I could actually feel the pain in my body, like a weight lodged in my ribcage. I felt like I only half exhaled. Then it got worse.

I’m a sleeper. As in, the moment I hit the pillow, I fall asleep. It’s one of my “skills”. ha. So every night I would fall asleep, but one night I woke up in the middle of the night completely out of breath and hysterically sobbing. Then when I was all cried out, I fell right back to sleep. This is where it gets weird…it happen again the next night, and the next. I would sit straight up and cry from the depths of me. It was the kind of cry that I would associate with a 2 year old mid tantrum. There was no build up, just hysteria. I started to notice that this was happing every night at the same time 3 am to 5 am. This continued every single night for 5 weeks. I told no one.

As you can see, I’m a pretty open person and I literally felt that I couldn’t tell anyone this because I thought I was I was raised pentecostal and so I also thought there was an off chance that I was possessed and that my ex may actually be tight with the devil. Okay, so… yeah, I was losing my mind.

I went to the acupuncturists for my 2 “old lady” reasons. I have mild scoliosis thanks to wearing a back pack heavier than me in middle school and it really affects my knee in the Winter. I also had a case of bunionettes thanks to buying the 6.5 heels at Tjmaxx for too many years and NO that’s not a cute name I made up, it’s when your little toe bone is bent the wrong way.

So… I told the acupuncturist that I was needing to treat the swelling on my toe bone and realign/ fix my knee. She looked at me like, that’s it? Apparently that wasn’t enough. She then proceeded to ask if there was anything else going on in my life that was new, anything mental or emotional. I kept thinking… is it that obvious that I’m a hot mess right now? Then I told her… I told her I might be possessed. I told her I keep waiting up between 3-5am every morning, completely out of breath and hysterically crying. She looked at me and said, yeah “that makes sense”. Maybe she hadn’t heard me?

She then proceeded to tell me about the Chinese Meridian Clock. Apparently, the body moves blood/ energy/ chi through different organs during specific hours of the day. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the organs are incredibly connected to not only how our body physically responds but also how we process, retain and expel certain thoughts and feelings. Between 3-5am exactly my body was purging itself through the lungs and the lungs represent deep sorrow or feelings of being disrespected. She said she treats a lot of people that wake up between those times completely out of breath but she’s never treated anyone who was out of breath and crying. I again felt very insecure and questioned my sanity but then she said my body, my entire body is pushing everything into my lungs to try and expel what I’d been feeling. It’s fighting my pain for me. That made sense to me, because I myself had done everything I knew to and it wasn’t working. Apparently, my body was stepping in.

She treated my sore toe and knee and stuck a needle in a spot close to my lungs, my ears and my forehead. I laid there quietly and I could feel the weight inside of me shrinking. It was easier to breath. I walked out of there without sadness, without a heaviness and I never woke up again between 3-5am. I had stopped grieving. I was me again.


So yeah, I had severely underestimated acupuncture. I continued to meet people who raved about it and told their story. It cured people of migraine headaches, constant anxiety, infertility. It entirely altered people’s lives. It can help you lose weight, quit smoking, quiet your stress, soothe depression, increase/ decrease your appetite or sex drive, clear your skin, etc. Honestly, I’ve gotten into the habit of googling _________and acupuncture and I’ve yet to read something that it doesn’t treat. It amazes me.

I told a window washer the other day to go see my acupuncturist before he goes in for his surgery to put rods in his neck. He came back to me a week later to tell me he no longer needs the surgery because my acupuncturist alleviated the pressure that was crushing his spine. He said he hadn’t felt so good in years.

There’s more to say, but surely, you’ll get tired of reading. 🙂

Love to you,




  1. marina

    I would like to visit with your acupuncturist:)

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