Estrogen Cleanse? For boys and girls.

My new friend, the chiropractor, suggested that I do an estrogen cleanse annually. She said this like I’d know what the heck she was talking about. I didn’t. But true to form… I came home and researched the crap out of it.

Here are just a few reasons why you may want to join me in doing an “estrogen cleanse”. Estrogen stores itself as fat. Not cool. Primarily the kind of fat that hangs out in your gut, butt and thigh region. Not cool. If you have been on birth control for years or eat a lot of cheese, soy or hummus your hormones could be all out of wack. Fellas with man boobs, listen up.

Women’s Issues

  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Night sweats
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Weight gain
  • Tender breasts
  • Fibrocystic breasts
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Memory Loss
  • Dry skin
  • Irregular periods
  • Heavy bleeding
  • PMS
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Low thyroid symptoms
  • Low libido
  • Water retention/bloating
  • Polycystic Ovary Condition
  • Cyclical migraine headaches
  • Atherosclerosis

Men’s Issues

  • Prostate problems
  • Man boobs
  • Impotency
  • Male patterned baldness
  • Weight gain
  • Low libido

Via this site.


Synthetic Estrogen is found in beef and dairy products.  So if you eat steak, hamburgers, cheese, yogurt, milk etc, you are ingesting a kind of estrogen that your body doesn’t recognize as it’s own and can not balance. If you are going to eat meat and cheese, buy organic animal products. Think about it this way, you have your hormones, they have theirs, whether organic or not you are ingesting their hormones. If it’s not organic, you are also ingesting all the crap food they eat, plus the chemicals that go into plumping them up a little faster for the farmers. If this information sounds like “too much”, look at it this way… girls are starting their periods as young as 8 years old these days. Kinda weird, right?

If you are drinking bottled water, stop. The plastic is full of harmful chemicals, including synthetic estrogen. Avoid warmed plastic of any kind, ie, food you warm up in plastic tupperware, saran wrap on warm leftovers etc.  It doesn’t stop there. Fake estrogen is in household cleaners, make up, face washes, toiletries etc. Oh man, I love cheese but luckily I have an aesthetic hatred of plastic. If you must use plastic in your life, start by looking for BPA free plastic. Check out all these great glass water bottles, water tastes better in glass anyway.

Cleansing your body of bad estrogen involves cleaning out the kidney and liver, so unfortunately, the alcohol must go. 

These are examples of natural forms of estrogen, called Phytoestrogen. If you are doing a cleanse, remove them all from your diet for 7 days. Otherwise, they are generally considered to be good forms of estrogen. I’m going to chill it on the apple a day, hummus kick. Also… I do have a tomato soup habit, that’s gotten pretty serious.

  • Legumes:  Foods like soy flour, soybeans, soy protein powder, tofu; black-eyed peas, chick peas (garbanzo beans), red beans, split peas.
  • Seeds: Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, anise seeds.
  • Fruits:  Apples, plums, dates, tomatoes, cherries.
  • Vegetables:  Beets, peppers, carrots, eggplant, sweet potatoes (yams), celery.
  • Grains:  Wheat, barley, rice. Beer.

Now for food that helps remove excess estrogen.

  • Cruciferous vegetables:   Broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts all contain a chemical called DIM, short for diindolymethane, a compound that naturally binds to estrogen and removes it from the body.
  • Citrus fruits: Contain flavonoids that help regulate hormones. 
  • Tea and coffee also contain an offshoot of flavonoids – flavones – that do the same. Via this site.

Vitamins and Minerals that help remove excess estrogen from the body. Via this site.

  • Estrogen-blocking supplements. Turmeric, passionflower (contains Chrysin), resveratrol, fenugreek, epimedium, tribulis terrestris, help reduce excess estrogens by blocking the enzyme aromatase, which converts testosterone to estrogen in men.
  • Zinc helps to increase progesterone levels and lower estrogen. Excess estrogen can lower serum zinc levels in people who are estrogen dominant. More than 70% of women d0 not get  the minimum daily requirement of zinc from their diets. Zinc also has a critical role in male sexual function and is necessary for all aspects of male reproduction, including hormone metabolism and sperm formation and motility.
  • Calcium D-Glucarate  is an extract found in fruits and vegetables that has been found to be  beneficial in helping to remove toxins and excess used hormones, preventing them from being reabsorbed into the blood stream and deposited in the tissues of your body. Calcium D-Glucarate helps to support liver function and detoxification and boosts the immune system.
  • Myomin  is an all-natural Chinese herbal blend ideal for normalizing estrogen levels in both men and women. Myomin inhibits aromatase, which can reduce levels of bad estrogens (estradiol and estrone), and promotes production of the good estrogen (estriol).  It also acts as an aromatase inhibitor in both women and men.  It has been shown to reduce estrogen levels in as little as 10 days and is beneficial for reducing abdominal fat and restoring muscle tone.  It is the perfect supplement for women on HRT, even women on bio-identical hormone replacement.
  • DIM is a phytonutrient naturally occurring in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale.  DIM promotes  metabolism of estrogen and aids in healthy hormonal balance.  It optimizes the ratio of crucial estrogen metabolites necessary in breast, uterine, cervical and prostate health.  DIM also acts as an aromatase inhibitor, often present in the drugs used to treat breast and ovarian cancer in postmenopausal women and those cancers that are estrogen dependent in premenopausal women.  Aromatase inhibitors reduce the overproduction of estrogen and allow testosterone to balance. DIM can boost both mood and libido.  It should be used as a supplement for estrogen dominance when there are insufficient cruciferous vegetables being eaten or there is significant estrogen imbalance. Make sure you DIM supplement does not contain SOY.
  • Take milk thistle – this herb (Silymarin) enhances the detox of estrogen by the liver.
  •  Since the liver breaks down estrogen, alcohol consumption, drug use, a fatty liver, liver disease and any other factor that impairs healthy liver function can spur an estrogen build-up. If you occasionally consume alcohol, always take a 1 mg folic acid and a B complex to reduce its negative effects.
  • Bacterial imbalance in the gut and other problems that compromise digestion interfere with the proper elimination of estrogen from the body via the digestive tract. Be sure to include a probiotic daily with 15 billion units. Store it in the fridge and take 1-2 capsules twice daily on an empty stomach. Via this site.

Some other big advice I stumbled upon, SWEAT. However you like sweating best is fine, just sweat. It will purge the excess estrogen and give your progesterone and testosterone a chance to work some magic in your body.

That’s alot of information to take in. Here’s my plan. You really only need to do the above for 7 days as a cleanse but I’d like to find a simple way to balance my hormones for the rest of my life. Someday, I’ll be pregnant and later I’ll go through menopause, might as well plan ahead. See, this is so the week I became an old lady. This is all right up Suzanne Somer’s alley.

  • No alcohol for the month of January, post NYE of course.
  • More broccoli & cauliflower in my life and I’ll start cooking with tumeric
  • Green juice 5x a week (I usually do 1 lemon, pineapple, kale)
  • Hormone free meat just once week
  • Sweat – I’m going to take a dance class and possibly go running.
  • I’m going to take Myomin, a probiotic and a calcium/magnesium/ zinc vitamin.

So that’s that. Now we know!



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