What a difference a year makes

It’s been awhile. Sorta. Here’s my update.

I was sick all Christmas. Yes, “little miss I have a natural cure for that” was sick, is sick. I’m not representing. Apparently, I have a case of acute sinusitis. I can’t smell things or taste them which killed our restaurant reservations in Maine. Maine, the place people go to eat. I also can’t stop blowing my nose which my mother says sounds like a blow horn, every time. Great. Also, snot isn’t romantic or sexy. So, lets just say, it wasn’t the “First Married Christmas” I had been so excited for. But, there was this moment at our big family party when my husband was across the room talking with my nephews (my nephews are adults) about their college courses and I swooned, completely. I felt so grateful to be married to him, to call him mine. Then I had to run out of the room and blow my nose, because yeah, it’s loud. There I was, too sick to be any good at socializing but watching my life from afar. I was caught up in the moment, a moment I hadn’t anticipated or dreamed up, realizing how incredible it is to think that this man I love, is apart of my life and my family’s life forever, that he is family. I love that.


Also, last years Christmas ripped my heart out. So I can deal with the snot. If you spent this Christmas with a broken or lonely heart, have hope. The next year and the fight of your own heart may surprise you. I mean that. They say “what a difference a year makes” and I’ve never been more shocked by the truth of this saying than in this past year. Next Christmas you too could be overwhelmed by love… and snot. Hopefully, not snot, but maybe, it is cold season. So I’m told…

So we got back to Chicago and I jumped on my mini trampoline because it’s supposed to flush out toxins through the lymphatic system and I thought a little jumping could clear my cold! In fact, I was excited about this. Trouble is, I jumped in my new LL Bean boot socks and in under 3 minutes, I managed to twist my ankle so hard that my legs gave out and my whole body landed on my right ribcage. My right ribcage literally looks like it disappeared in contrast to my very pronounced left ribcage. This is a concern. I’m not sure if anyone is actually keeping track but… two weeks ago I throw my left hip out, last week I lost my sense of smell/ taste, this week I sprained my ankle and fractured my rib all whilst trying to get rid of my head cold. If I were a dog at a shelter, I would not get adopted.

Alright, to finish the year off. Here are my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Stop being a grandma and having so many ailments
  • Develop lean muscle in my legs, arms, abs
  • Pump up my butt muscles until it’s super round
  • Plan a honey moon
  • Do all that and then… get knocked up (oh man this is my favorite)
  • Invest more in the career I already have
  • Look into getting my masters in acupuncture
  • Retake the Real Estate Broker Exam
  • Write more (keep doing this)
  • Find a developer for my dream business
  • Green juice 5x a week
  • Eat less carbs and dairy
  • Buy only local or organic groceries
  • Travel to 4 new Countries
  • Learn French


  1. Wonderful blog. I hope you feel better soon! ❤

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