The year I do things I don’t want to

I went to a Barre Bee Fit class last night. My friend has been swearing by it lately and her body is looking pretty incredible these days. But I took a Bar Method class years ago and hated it. It’s like yoga for valley girls. So, I wasn’t into going to this class but my yogi acupuncturist said I was too flexible for yoga, at least until I developed more muscle tone to support my flexibility. Ie., I’m built like a toddler. I walk into this class and all the other girls are wearing all black, or variations of pink lycra. The girls are checking in and they all seem to use a high pitched nasally voice like those on E Television or Bravo. It doesn’t help that the names given are; Lindsay, Vanessa, Lexi. I’m in privileged white girl territory and it’s clear.

I begin texting my friend “I feel like a PBS alien trapped inside of a Bravo show”. She replies “I know, I consider it to be my reality show hour”. “It is not only a physical workout but a mental workout because you have to block out the girls and the bad music.”  

This is all before the class. I already hate it. ‘Obvi’. So I go to the class, I’m mostly bored because they use 3 lb weights for upper body stuff and the stretching does nothing for me. However, the planks made my tummy tremble and the inner thigh workouts are definitely still in effect today. To be honest, I thought it would be more intense. That being said, I’m pretty out of shape, I’m sure it’s doing more than I think. So because it’s located directly behind where I work and I can easily factor it into my schedule, I’m going to do it.

I’ve decided that 2014 is the year I do things I don’t like doing. I defer things I hate doing on a regular basis. This applies to all aspects of my life from food, to career paths to physical activity. Why would I be a runner when I love rollerblading? Why would I take Zumba if I like taking actual dance classes? Why would I give up cheese and chocolate when I eat plenty of vegetables? Here’s the thing, I rarely rollerblade because I have to drive to lake shore drive to do so, dance classes are more costly than Zumba and just because I eat salads and drink green juice doesn’t give me free range to eat mass amounts of cheese and chocolate. Basically, I’m personally confronting all my justifications.

I am one of those people that thinks all of life should be pleasurable but I’m spending more time on my sofa than is necessary and I don’t have as much money as I’d like to. So this year, I’m working with the intent of money first and pleasure second and I’m going to do workouts I hate because my other “pleasure strategy” was setting me up for a lot of nights on the sofa.

I’m going to try to eliminate all my clever little excuses that allow me to be a lazy “artist”.

Here’s to doing things I don’t want to.  Here’s to making more money and having a tight little rear.

Here! Here!




  1. Cheers to that!!! Doing things you don’t like doing is hard, you might need your friends involved for motivation. I’m on the same boat; I want to start hitting the gym and I know I hate working out (lazy me) so I asked my friend who goes to the gym to motivate me to go with him.

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