Put it on paper.

less talking, more writing.

I had a teacher in 7th grade that had us write 10 songs and make a CD cover. At first, I was more excited about the CD cover. I believe I had a butterfly on the cover, not because butterflies were girlie or pretty, but because I thought I was like a butterfly. I’m not kidding. I loved how butterflies started life as caterpillars, in fact, I was obsessed with caterpillars when I was little, they amused me endlessly. I liked that they spent years of their life protected in a cocoon, a safe haven in which to grow wings. By the time I had entered 7th grade, I was over my protected cocoon, I felt I had grown my wings. All through high school I considered getting a tattoo of the greek mythological figure Psykhe. The Greeks believed that your soul left your body in the form of a…

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