Going public

Expression and vulnerability is really important to me but it’s also sacred.

I’m considering putting my name where I type. You know, instead of signing everything “A”. I’m even considering purchasing a url that includes my name. As I nurse my baby on the sofa and look outside the window at the snow globe that is my City, I’m finding myself drawn to the crazy mama tribe that is instagram. You can connect with thousands of mamas from around the world and you can do so in a very real way. Honestly, the mama thing can easily be isolating if you don’t build a community and instagram has weirdly grown an inspired, creative community of women.  I’ve seen it happen with one of my best friends. In fact, we may travel to Scotland this May and stay with her instagram friend. Isn’t that crazy, creepy, beautiful and perfectly random?

I don’t know how to strike up a balance between my sacred love for my baby, the sudden urge to document his existence, my own need to articulate and share my very personal thoughts and yet not feel that my innermost being is able to be searched on google. I might change my mind, my career and I don’t know what should be laid out bare and what shouldn’t. It should be noted that my husband is a very private, polite man, that may eventually choose a public career. I’m not sure I should be writing about my past dating life and that time I met a vagina therapist.

Also, I may just have cabin fever and be stir crazy.

But I think I like the honesty and rawness of attaching my name to these words. I think I like the beauty of having a reason to visually document my life as well. A motivator if you will. I’m not sure of how the work/baby thing is going to play out just yet. I would like to keep my name in the game as something, as someone, other than mom. Maybe as a taste maker of sorts or I’ll write for babble.com or sub in for various online magazines/blogs. Who knows. I’ve seen that some instagram moms have 80,000 followers and some bloggers have more!  Honestly, I’d love to trade in the interior design gig and be a buyer/curator for some international company. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I feel like that kind of “following” could help pave that road. Maybe I’m delusional but maybe not!

Feel free to weigh in. I could benefit from some decisive viewpoints! Do I go public with this personal thought blog? Do I create a separate design/ mama focused blog? Either way, do I attach my name? Or do I keep it secret? Sacred?

Love to you,




  1. It depends on you.. some people like the freedom of anonymity, where others are totally comfortable expressing whatever to whomever… Maybe some things to think about: are you fine being introduced to someone new and them having access to your inner most thoughts? Are you comfortable to co-workers knowing what you post (directly associated to you)? Will friends/family that are in your life be okay with being written about and possibly connected to? Will personal opinion affect your work/job (and do you care?)…
    I myself adore freedom of speech, but am cognitive what I post in regards to politics, religion, etc. (The big “no-no” topics) just for professionalism of my employment, just in case anything I write online does get related back to me.. For me, if I’m not comfortable telling a complete stranger, I won’t post it.
    All the best to you and the decision in sharing your musings on a broader scale. I enjoy reading you and hope you make best decision for you.

    • Thank you so much for weighing in. I’m a very open person in my private life and I like being able to say what I feel and not have it connected to my name. I’m leaning towards having a separate blog in which I explore the design side of things publicly. Thank you for reading. 🙂

  2. Jo

    I heir on the side of caution.

  3. Anne

    This obviously depends on a number of factors but one thing to consider is your audience – do you want your readers to engage with you on such a personal level in this space? I am a VERY visual person but there are some blogs (yours included) that I visit solely for the words. Sometimes these discussions are more thought provoking when they come with a certain level of anonymity.

    Another thing to think about is social media, do you make your Instagram and/or Facebook sites private or public? The content you are posting plays a factor of course, but if you are not comfortable making something like that public it might be wise to keep the separation. I like your thought on two separate spaces, one that is more design-focused and this personal, yet anonymous space.

    Regardless of what you choose, I am enjoying the content. Keep up the beautiful writing 🙂

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