You’re 9 months and you are awesome.

You are the personification of a favorite moment, a favorite meal, a favorite love story. I wish the whole world would go on without us for just a little bit and we could slow this down and I could soak you up.

I will never forget the moment where I sat you down to play with your toys in the living room so I could load the dishwasher in the nearby kitchen. I heard you happily playing and then all of a sudden I heard you mumbling mommommommom and looked over and saw your head peaking around the corner, crawling towards me in a little white onesie rambling in a sad tone, mommommommom. You didn’t want food, you weren’t tired, you didn’t care about your toys, you wanted me and you were doing everything you could to make that known.  In that moment, I realized that your small crawls had turned into a big crawl and you were able to get from point A to point B without me and all I could think was that I’m honored to be your point B, your mama. I felt immensely humbled by you and grateful beyond my own comprehension.

The crawling began in mid June, at 7.5 months. You are a cautious, purposeful crawler. You really only crawl when you see something you want to play with or want to be closer to. I’ve seen other babies that crawl just to crawl, just to explore, that doesn’t seem to be your style. You crawl because you have been looking at something, thinking about it and then decide to crawl. You are hilarious with thresholds, you will stop and sit as you approach a threshold, then you look around and clap. I’m not sure if you clap because you’re impressed with your new surroundings and taking them in before you take another step or if you clap because you’re proud of yourself.

You LOVE music. I remember early on, you would fuss in the car when commercials came on the radio and the music stopped. One morning I was playing an Al Green record and you crawled to the speaker which sits on a small chair and you pulled yourself up and wiggled to the beat. To the beat! You have rhythm! You have since learned how to turn up the volume and lower it, but you only turn it up. Lately, you’ll crawl up to the speaker and fuss as if to say “ma, where’s the music, play my music!” So I do. I just ordered you a small set of bongo drums, a tambourine and a percussion stick. I can’t wait to see you jam out. You’re seriously awesome.

You experienced your first beach day in Chicago last week and you loved it. You thought sand was hilarious and had it all over you, even in your eyes and somehow didn’t care. I kept trying to get it out but you found that more annoying. You kept slapping my shoulder and smiling as you looked out at the vast Lake Michigan. You thought the breeze that blew the sheet was funny and you came back home smelling like sand, sunscreen and fresh air. I bathed you 3x to get the sunscreen out of your hair which you thought was the funnest thing ever. Then I wrapped your naked little body in a towel, diapered you, fed you and put you to sleep early. You were worn out.

You are still the friendliest, happiest little baby I’ve ever seen. You smile at everyone that smiles at you, you are very social and love being in the midst of people. However, you’re also a total loner. I put you in your crib with a few toys when you act sleepy and you sometimes sit and play by yourself for an hour and then nod off to sleep. I’ll often walk near your room and hear you talking to yourself and playing after your nap. I never know how long you’ve been up but you rarely scream for me to get you when you wake up. Your mama and papa are super social loners too, so there’s probably something to that. So neat to see you comfortable in your own skin and in your own space.

At 8.5 months you started saying mommom, mema, nene and of course, dada. You have been going through a serious daddy phase and I love it. So stinkin’ cute to see you two together. In the morning, I get up with you, feed you a bottle, change your diaper and bring you downstairs to play and eat a small snack with me. This is normally when I put on a record or play pandora off my phone for you. Lately, you’ve started getting a bit cranky and you get even fussier the minute you see your dad come down for coffee. You then crawl, fussing and grab hold of his leg to pull yourself up. Then he picks you up and you slap his chest, pull his chest hair, poke his face, scratch his facial scruff and smile the biggest smile your little face can pack in and look back at me with this look that says “this is my daddy!”. Swoon. Seriously, swoon. Your daddy and I talk about how much we love you all the time and he checks in on you when you’re sleeping before we go to bed.

We eat together now. Which is infinitely better than breastfeeding or bottle feeding. In the morning, I usually cut up peaches or throw blueberries into whole milk yogurt for us. You LOVE yogurt. You make dinosaur/gremlin like noises if I don’t dish out the yogurt fast enough for you. Keep in mind this is the most tart, unflavored, organic, blah yogurt that exists and you think it’s fantastic. Ha. We tested out the allergy foods on you, peanuts, gluten, dairy, shellfish etc. You passed! You love them all but bananas really upset you. Which is kinda bananas!

We went to San Francisco when you were 8 months, you saw Haight and Ashbury and sat in your stroller in the midst of a bubble blowing scene. You were the hit at a wine tasting in Sonoma and also in Napa. You had your first taste of bread at a restaurant in Yountsville, so we are gonna have to take it down a notch before you become “that kid”.

You peed standing up in the bathroom! Sure, it was on the floor while looking into the bathtub as I filled it up for you…You also peed standing up in lake michigan when we took off your diaper for a free photoshoot that I won on instagram. So you’re into that. Such a little man.

Speaking of which, you had your first kiss with a girl named Mabel. You were part of a nanny share with my client’s daughter in July and you crawled up to little Mabel (who couldn’t yet crawl) and put your head against her forehead and your lips on hers. Or so says the nanny.

Your Grandma and Grandpa just came to visit you this week, which was great. Your Grandpa woke up early every morning to see you. Your Grandma cried when she had to drive away from you. You are well loved. Next week, we go to Maine for a few weeks to see Nana and Poppop.

You’re learning your voice and experimenting with a bunch of different sounds that mimic the sound a dinosaur or gremlin would make. You even add peculiar faces to some of these crazy sound effects. You like to press your head against mine (like you did with baby Mabel), stare into my eyes and scream into my mouth. You’re a riot.

You have 4 full teeth and 4 halfway there teeth, which is way more than is necessary at this point, but I suppose, you did really like the steak we gave you the other night. The teeth will help with that.

You just had your 9 month check up and you are 20 pounds and 30 inches long. Which means you’re average to thin and very, very tall. 97 percentile in height. In other words, at 9 months you are 1.5 inches away from being HALF my height. Take it easy there tiger.

I’m proud of you. You’re gentle, kind, curious, cautious, careful and passionate. You seem to already understand the balance of being friendly and social and being comfortable by yourself in your own space. I love you with the very best of me and your existence has filled the cracks of my heart.

Your point B (for now…),

Mama A



  1. Nice to be visiting your blog. It’s great. Bravo!

  2. Oh Angela, I just adore how you write, and I can honestly feel the love and connection you and Julian have. Makes me smile so much, and I know for certain Archie and Julian would be the best of buds, such similar temperaments. Though Archie has picked up a bit of feisty of late, well I guess he has a big brother to try and boss about, ha!

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