My little squish

You are 7 months old and pure baby perfection. You are so soft and squishy and melt into me when I hold you. You nuzzle your fuzzy blonde head into my left shoulder and wrap your arms around me. Everything you do fills my heart.

You nursed exclusively until 6 months and are still going strong but now you are eating real food too! We did it! Honestly, I thought I had overcome all my nursing challenges and was feeling accomplished but I think it’s all you, you are just a food motivated baby, unlike your brother who would rather have played than eat. You go through a tall jar of baby food in minutes, eat whole bananas, love raspberries, blueberries, broccoli and I’m pretty sure steak is your favorite teething toy. I’ve also introduced formula so that it will be easier for Nana and Pop Pop to watch you when your daddy and I go to Bali next weekend for our first ever vacation without kids since your brother was born! Your bottom 2 teeth have come in and you have 4 more on the top cutting through!

You have slept right next to me in bed since the day you were born, you nurse on your side and then fall asleep nestled into my armpit. It’s been such a precious time for us and I haven’t wanted to let go. I learned with your brother how quickly this time passes. I wanted him to learn independence and how to be comfortable in his own skin, and he definitely did! However, I miss him. I wish he wanted to be held more by me. So… with you, I kept you a bit closer, a bit longer. Hopefully you will still feel comfortable in your own skin and be confident that all is okay when I’m not around. We just recently introduced to you to your crib, which is pretty funny because I HAD to finish your nursery before you were born. Your brother’s best friend has slept in it more than you. Ah well. You’re doing it. You still wake up in the night, but you’re getting better at sleeping without me. I’m sleeping much better now that I don’t have to be aware of your tiny little body next to mine, but I miss you.

You are still such an incredibly peaceful little soul. People ask “is he always like this? He seems so chill, so easy.” Yep, you are pretty chill, to the point that you don’t always react! One day at your brother’s daycare, you were playing happily while sitting in a activity station and I looked over and saw that a little boy was hugging you so hard that you were losing your breath! You had no reaction! Then I stopped it from happening and you looked at me and cracked a big smile. That is you in a nutshell! I have to watch your very active two year old brother like a hawk around you! One minute he is feeding you, kissing you and saying, “I love my brother”, the next he is biting, hitting or wacking you with a toy. Oy vey! I’m basically your body guard. However, I have a feeling you are going to be tall and strong and I won’t be your bodyguard much longer.

One thing to note about you is that your hand and eye coordination is unbelievable. This doesn’t come with lofty dreams of you being an athlete but your dad is definitely impressed. The first time I gave you food, you grabbed it on first try and put it in your mouth. If something is within reach, you snag it before I can stop it! You’ve knocked over a lot of bowls in the last few weeks and put a lot of less than desirable things into your mouth before I noticed.

You have little to no desire to crawl but are greatly amused by standing. You are wildly ticklish, every where! Legs, arms, tummy, neck, back etc. I can make you laugh by just motioning that I will tickle you. Your brother can make you laugh just by laughing himself or running around the kitchen island as you sit in your clip on chair.

Your brother is in daycare and so he brings home the latest cold on a regular basis. You and I have had a pretty nasty cough but the doctor said your lungs are clear so I’ve taken you to the chiropractor a few times and it’s helped a lot! I’m trying to avoid antibiotics until you are at least two years old, unless completely necessary.

I’ve been working a lot more lately, I’m trying to help pay down dad’s law school loans and I also love building a design portfolio that I can look back on and be proud of. As a result, I’ve had to leave you for 7 hrs a few times a week and I must say, I can’t wait to see you and your brother when I get home! You immediately light up when you see me and you get so excited that your body folds into whoever is holding you! It’s the sweetest thing and it makes me feel so loved and so appreciated by you, even when I’m completely sleep deprived.

You are starting to find your voice and you do this little growl that I love. You sound a little like a moose, which makes your father say that you sound like I did when giving birth to you. Ha! Ah well. There are worse things. 😉

You and your brother are becoming good friends, he wants you to dance if he is dancing, so I hold you up and wiggle you about. He wants to ride his little boat with wheels with you in the front, he wants you in his wagon with him and he wants to take a bath with you. When I am out with you two, I feel like we are this little crew. It’s awesome. I love this age, you eat real food, you can sit in a restaurant high chair and grocery cart but you still fall asleep in the carrier and are endlessly amused by a long stroller walk. Life is good little buddy and I’m grateful that you are in it. 🙂

I love you baby and I look forward to watching you grow into the man you will be. Feel free to take your time though and if you are reading this, come give me a good long hug.

Love to you,

Mama A


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  1. Mom

    This is so well written. I can hear your heart!

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